September 16, 2015
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Announcing Ionic Lab for Windows!

Josh Bavari


Just a few weeks ago, we released the public beta for Ionic Lab, a new tool for Ionic users who prefer graphical interfaces over command line interfaces.

Today, we’re super pumped to announce that Ionic Lab for Windows has launched! Download it here. We’ve also refreshed Ionic Lab for Mac with some exciting updates.

What’s New in Ionic Lab

  • We’ve updated the error and status notification system.
  • We’ve added the ability to copy/paste error pop-up content.
  • We’ve fixed several major bugs.

What’s Unique to the Windows Version

  • Ionic Lab for Windows builds only Android applications and includes Android platform-specific add, build, and run buttons and menu items.
  • The functionality is identical to that of Ionic Lab for Mac.
  • Now, both Windows and Mac users can use Ionic Lab to help them create, build, and run their Ionic applications.

Ionic Lab Roadmap

Here’s what’s coming up for Ionic Lab:

  • Customized settings for Ionic apps (serve port, live reload port, watching locations).
  • One-click system setup (Android, Xcode, etc.)
  • Integrated Cordova plugin searching and validation.
  • Additional preview options (resizing app size, side by side views, and orientation).
  • Customized platform settings (Crosswalk for Android, WKWebView for iOS).
  • Ionic resources generation for icons and splash screens.
  • Build options for Release (concatenation, uglification, updating HTML for references to assets).
  • Saving and restoring Ionic application setup.
  • Tighter integration with the Ionic Platform, including the ability to specify deploy to device based on upload, integration for push notifications, Ionic Creator integrations, and integrated documentation.

Please share your feedback about Ionic Lab with us, especially your ideas on how to make it better! You are welcome to submit issues here.

Josh Bavari