October 12, 2022
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Live Update SDK v5.5.3 Released

Conner Simmons

Product Team

The latest Live Update SDK release has arrived and is here to address an issue on iOS 15.6 and above. Previous to this patch release, users were intermittently experiencing failures to download Live Updates.

Appflow’s Live Update feature lets you update the UI and business logic of your app remotely, in real time. Push HTML, JavaScript, and CSS updates directly to your users without going through the app store to instantly fix bugs and ship new features.

Given the nature of the changes (an updated plugin in this case), a new app store release is required for any apps using Live Updates. But have no fear, we’ll walk you through what you need to do!

Update, Build, Deploy

With just a few quick and easy steps, developers can ensure their users are correctly receiving updates to their app:

1. Update the package.json dependency to the latest version of the cordova-plugin-ionic plugin:

   "cordova-plugin-ionic": "^5.5.3",

2. Create, then deploy, a new native build with Appflow or manually build as follows:

npm run build
ionic deploy manifest
npx cap sync

That’s it, you’re ready to release your updated app to app stores! Appflow users can save time by using the “Deploy to App Stores” feature to ship the new iOS binary directly to the App Store.

Please contact the Ionic Customer Success team at support@ionic.io if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy building 💙

Conner Simmons

Product Team