April 19, 2022
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Live Updates for Ionic Portals

Josh Thomas

Ionic Portals

With the introduction of Ionic Portals, cross-team collaboration is now easier than ever. Ionic Portals empowers native and web teams to better collaborate and bring new and existing web experiences to natively built mobile apps in a safe, controlled way. Large enterprises use Portals to unblock native app dev teams and enable them to ship faster. What if your teams could work more autonomously and ship updates when they’re ready to be deployed? Now they can!

Ionic Portals has been supercharged with Appflow Live Updates ⚡️

Ionic Portals

Ionic Portals unlocked the ability for software development teams to embed a complex web experience into an existing native application. Web experiences safely embedded into both the Android and iOS applications allow full access to native components and device APIs and granular control over which sections and features web developers access. Both native and web teams could continue to work independently and not block each other’s work. This brought forth an entirely new era in regard to scaling mobile app development!

Ionic Portals with Live Updates

With the addition of Appflow Live Updates, each portal can be updated independent of the rest of the code in the application, taking asynchronous development to the next level! Web teams can now iterate quickly and fix critical issues by pushing updates directly to users, all without requiring a new native build or clearance from the app stores. De-coupling the release cycles continues to drive application development velocity and helps teams scale that much faster.

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It’s never been easier for teams to build, test, ship, and update mission-critical applications. With the powers of Live Updates for Ionic Portals, web and native teams can iterate on their own release cycles, reduce cross-team dependency, and delight end-users with more frequent app updates! Improve your user experience by adding Live Updates to your Portals and provide real-time updates today.

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Josh Thomas