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As many of you know, Ionic View was removed from the App Store by Apple last month. We quickly appealed the decision, and after waiting a number of weeks, have finally been able to communicate with Apple and have more information we can share. Unfortunately, Apple has decided to take a new stance against any […]

Ionic Deploy has opened up a new realm of possibilities by allowing you to push updates to your users instantly. The days of bug fixes sitting in Production while you wait for App Store approval are over. You can deploy bug fixes as fast as you can program them, and release new features at the […]

When you’re developing a new product, it’s easy to get consumed in the day-to-day decisions and forget about the two most important things: Can users figure out how to use the product? Would they actually want to use the product — and if not, why not? If your users can’t use the product, or don’t […]