February 8, 2023
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Appflow adds GitHub Enterprise support

Cecelia Martinez

Developer Advocate

We’ve got great news for teams using GitHub Enterprise that are tired of manually deploying their mobile apps. Appflow now supports GitHub Enterprise so more organizations can leverage the benefits of mobile DevOps in the cloud.

Appflow, the mobile CI/CD solution from Ionic, automates cloud native builds and deploys to app stores. This is done through integrations with your Git hosting provider. Appflow has added GitHub Enterprise to the list of supported providers, alongside existing support for:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • GitLab Self-Managed
  • BitBucket
  • BitBucket Server
  • Azure DevOps

GitHub Enterprise has two deployment options: cloud-hosted and self-hosted. Both are supported in Appflow, with only the server URL and a personal access token required to set up the integration. Read more in our documentation here.

Appflow is designed so developers or DevOps engineers can set up quickly, regardless of their existing tooling. Once an app is connected via a Git hosting provider, there are multiple options for leveraging the range of services available.

To get up and running quickly, use the Appflow dashboard to initiate native iOS and Android builds, then deploy to Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also orchestrate automated workflows to trigger based on a push to a specific branch.

If you have an existing CI/CD pipeline and want to take advantage of cloud native builds or app store deployments without starting from scratch, use the Ionic Cloud CLI to integrate with Appflow directly from your current setup.

Contact us to learn more about Appflow Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise support.

Cecelia Martinez

Developer Advocate