November 14, 2022
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Latest Appflow Build Stack Updates

Conner Simmons

Product Team

Mobile operating systems are always changing, which means the software used to build your applications needs to as well. At Ionic, we track these updates to ensure you have the most relevant native binary build software within Appflow, our mobile CI/CD solution. Here are the latest build stack updates coming your way.

Out with the old

Support for each build stack within Appflow remains in place for approximately two years after its creation date. When new build stacks are introduced and the oldest build stacks cross this threshold, they are formally retired.

It’s now time to retire the following stacks:

Target Build OS Build Stack Name Retirement Date
iOS macOS – 2020.11 November 29, 2022
Android Linux – 2020.11 November 29, 2022

Any Appflow automations using either of these build stacks will need to be updated. If they are not updated by the retirement date, they will automatically update to the latest build stack! 

In with the new

As a few build stacks make their way into retirement, a new iteration is headed your way.

With the official release of iOS 16, a new build stack was required. We’re happy to share that the macOS – 2022.10 is now available for building iOS binaries! This provides support for the latest build tools such as Xcode 14, Node 18, and more. Check out the documentation for a full list of software versions.

Start building today

As always, we recommend using the latest build stacks for most apps. However, other build stacks will remain available until they pass their retirement window. This is to ensure apps with requirements for specific versions of a build tool are supported for an adequate amount of time.

To check out the specific software versions supported within each of our active build stacks, check out the Appflow Build Stacks docs. If you’re not building your mobile apps with Appflow, it’s never too late to get started


Conner Simmons

Product Team