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This morning we released the results of the first-ever Ionic Developer Survey, with input from more than 13,000 community members who shared with us the tools and technology they use, and what types of apps they’re building. The full data set is available on our site, along with our own insights and analysis. First and […]

Well, hello there, wonderful people! You may have noticed that we’ve been a bit quiet since the last release of Ionic and may have been wondering where we ventured off to. We’ve been hard at work prepping the Ionic 2 Release Candidate! We’re happy to announce that it’s finally here, along with some major performance […]

Still using UIWebView? Apple now requires WKWebView for iOS apps. Follow this guide to update your Ionic apps. Here at Ionic, we believe speed is a requirement, not a feature. We take pride in being performance-obsessed, because we believe speed is key to providing a first-class user experience. Most of the apps at the top […]

By now, you’ve probably heard that Progressive Web Apps are the future of all mankind. They’ll bring world peace, end hunger, save the rainbows and unicorns, bring balance to the force, and a whole lot more. In the process, they might even push the mobile web forward, bring parity to web and native apps, and […]

Today we are super excited to announce the public beta of the Ionic Platform, a powerful set of backend services and tools that help take you from development up to scale with all your Ionic or Cordova/PhoneGap apps! We want to make it even easier for web developers to build amazing mobile apps with their […]

With Angular 2.0 fast approaching and the world of frontend frameworks in a massive transition, there’s been a lot of concern about the impending costs of moving to the next generation of Angular. Do developers have to learn yet another new framework? Few teams have spent as much time with Angular 2 as the Ionic […]

Over the past several months, the Ionic team has been hard at work on the next generation of Ionic. We took everything we learned from building Ionic 1 and made significant improvements to the way Ionic apps look, how they perform, and their ability to adapt to future technology shifts. If you’ve been paying close […]

We’re constantly excited by the creativity Ionic developers demonstrate when using Ionic for IoT projects. Ionic developer North McCormick, who started Ionic Utah, recently talked with us about two personal IoT projects he built last year, using Ionic. “I was super excited that when the time came to work on my IoT projects that I […]

It’s that time of year again, where we reflect on everything that happened in the last year with Ionic and imagine what 2016 might have in store for the Ionic world (See what happened in last year’s update). 2015 was a transformative year for Ionic. We launched Ionic 1.0, broke ground on Ionic 2, added […]

Today, we are excited to announce the soft release of Ionic 1.2. This release comes with over 100 bugs fixed, tons of PRs merged, and some awesome new features that I’ll get to in a second. It also marks the start of our transition into the next generation of Ionic. We are looking for help […]

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